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ChronoZoom Interactive Timeline
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ChronoZoom Interactive Timeline

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ChronoZoom is an educational project that lets users explore history in an interactive way (please visit for more information.)

This interactive visualization uses ChronoZoom's API to fetch data of one particular timeline and displays it's events in a new way that is user friendly and easily navigatable. A special feature of this visualization is that causalities, i.e. historical events that lead to other events are visualized within the timeline and chains of causalities can interactively be highlighted.

Apart from the background image, this visualization uses only data provided by the ChronoZoom project's API. All visual layout coloring and interaction of events and causalities is done programmatically. This means, that this visualization is capable of displaying any arbitrary timeline from the ChronoZoom project (this has not yet been tested though).

This visualization has been created for the Visualizing Time content on It is an entry for the interactive WWI category.

The backround image for this WWI timeline is in the public domain (thanks to
The loading animation has been created with the help of
The application has been coded with TypeScript
Paratype PTSans is the font used, downloaded from

by Andi Triendl (